We’re HEY YUM!
Goodies without the baddies

HEY YUM! makes yummilicious ORGANIC candy infused with fruit, enhanced with honey and sugar, and stirred with sweet intentions.

Because we think a bit of what you love makes life good, we’re here to redefine candy and offer the world an alternative – one that’s ORGANIC, unjunked and just better. We’ve done this by cooking up a recipe for soft, chewy goodies without the baddies – goodies flavoured with fruit and free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives.

Each bright kind of ORGANIC, juicy HEY YUM! candy is a whimsical universe of gummilicious magic where everyone is welcome.

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Award Winning

HEY YUM! came in second as BEST NEW ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCT at the Naural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016

Say HEY! to our Sweet Manifesto:

We create divine, mouthwatering, ecolicious sweets. Ours is candy without the makeup – natural in look and taste. And HEY! Turns out ingredients that are less harmful to the planet and our bodies also taste totally excellent.

Nothing that looks or tastes like an additive, preservative, artificial colour or flavour finds its crew in our packs. Instead, our candy is certified ORGANIC – always.

We think that in life it’s not about perfection – its about balance. We’re not a superfood, we’re sweets – but we’re something naughty that’s made only of things that are nice.