We’re HEY YUM! and we make yummilicious ORGANIC candy glowing with good vibes.

We’re a young Danish company on a journey to redefine candy and offer the world an alternative – one that’s ORGANIC, unjunked and just better.

It started with a sweet idea. We wanted to make a whimsical universe of gummilicious magic. Something wonderfully soft and wickedly chewy, free from artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. So we got busy in the kitchen and stirred up a tasty treat that’s flavoured with fruit and mixed with sweet intentions.

Each bright kind of ORGANIC, juicy HEY YUM! candy is a whimsical universe of gummilicious magic where everyone is welcome.



We create divine, mouthwatering, ecolicious sweets. Ours is candy without the makeup – natural in look and taste. And HEY! Turns out ingredients that are less harmful to the planet and our bodies also taste totally excellent.


Nothing that looks or tastes like an additive, preservative, artificial colour or flavour finds its crew in our packs. Instead, our candy is certified ORGANIC



We think that in life it’s not about perfection - its about balance. We’re not a superfood, we’re sweets
- but we’re something naughty that’s made only of things that are nice.


Grate Taste Award

Junior Design Awards


2019 & 2021
HEY YUM! Magic Forest, Sour Flower and Love Spring were all awarded 1-star Great Taste award, which means that judges dubbed it a food that delivers fantastic flavour.

HEY YUM! won as best snack / drink brand at the Junior Magazine Design Award.

HEY YUM! came in second as BEST NEW ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCT at the Naural & Organic Awards Scandinavia.

High quality is our baseline

When sourcing high-quality raw materials, we ensure compliance with the strict EU organic requirements along the entire supply chain. Regular external controls according to international standards prove the strict compliance with the EU organic guidelines as well as IFS and HACCP standards at “higher level”.


Most of the organic raw materials are from trusted, predominantly European suppliers.

The shorter the procurement paths, the better: Our organic beet sugar originates from Austria, depending on the harvest the organic glucose syrup comes from Austria or neighbouring European Union countries.

For our vegan fruit gums Love Spring we use plant-based citrus pectin. To ensure classic chewiness, organic gelatine is used as gelling agent for Magic Forest, Sour Flower and Triassic Garden.

The great taste of HEY YUM! is achieved through the use of organic fruit juice and plant concentrates as well as high-quality natural aromas.


We use the organic glazing agent carnauba wax on our candy. The carnauba wax is exclusively from sustainable sources and part of the social project ‘Sustainable Carnauba’ – an organisation who works with companies to foster a responsible carnauba production, both improving working conditions and preserving biodiversity. Futhermore, our supplier is certified in accordance with SEDEX ETICAL TRADE AUDIT (SMETA) and a member of UN GLOBAL COMPACT and comitted to their principles regarding human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption.

The making of HEY YUM! candy

STEP 1: Sugar, glucose syrup and gelling agent is carefully heated until gelling. Then citric acid is added becauce it brings richness to the fruity flavours. Then we add organic fruit and plant juice concentrates and high-quality natural flavourings and extracts.

STEP 2: A board of molds is pressed into wooden trays. The liquid mass then gets filled in those small wells created by the moulds. The gummy candies are then lying flat on their bellies until they get dry and keep their shape. In this way, six different colored fruit gums can be made at the same time.

STEP 3: When the the fruit gums are dry, they are taken out of their bed. The finished gummy candies are either coated with plant-based carnauba wax to give them a shiny appearance and prevent them from sticking together or they are coated with a sour sugar crystals like Sour Flower.

It all started with a sweet idea....

In 2016 I created HEY YUM! with the intention to redefine candy and offer the world an alternative – one that’s ORGANIC, unjunked and just better.

I went from designing digital solutions for Scandinavia’s largest bank to dreaming up flavours for HEY YUM!’s organic range of sweets – all becauce my son had been diagnosed with ADHD.

I was looking for different ways to stabilize my son, and organic food ended up working for us.

I live just outside Copenhagen, the Danish capitol, where organic food flourishes in multiple spots from small grocery stores to all the major supermarked. That is, until you hit the aisle with sweets…

I started looking in other shoppers baskets and noticed that people buy a great deal of organic products, but then they go to the confectionary section and have no other choice than to go for conventional candy. That’s really when the idea started growing on me: I wanted to make organic sweets – free from all the artificial stuff, my son couldn’t eat, and at the same time really great tasting and with the perfect bite too. Also, I wanted to create a colourful and playfull look.

I started with cooking candy lessons and the first thing I leaned was that gummy sweets are a very simple product that can easily be organic and great-tasting, as there are great flavours and colours in Nature such as berries, spirulina, and turmeric  – why would you ever use anything else?

My wish is to bring you candy that is a little better for you, and a little better for our planet. I know that it’s not a super food, but it’s something naughty that’s made only of things that are nice 🙂