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(12 bags of 50 g)

This box contains 12 bags of HEY YUM organic candy: 

3 x 50 g Magic Forest, organic fruit gums

3 x 50 g Triassic Garden, organic fruit mallows

3 x 50 g  Sour Flower, organic sour sour fruit gums

3 x 50 g Love Spring, organic and vegan berry gums

All sweets are Gluten free


Out of stock

This box contains 12 mixed bags of 50 g.

3 x Triassic Garden 50 g:

Glucose syrup*, sugar*, honey* (5%), gelatine*, SKIMMED MILK-POWDER*, YOGHURT POWDER – LOW FAT* (1%), acid: citric acid; elder berry juice concentrate*, natural flavour, curcuma extract*, algae extract*(spirulina platensis), canauba wax*.‘’

3 x Magic Forest 50 g:

Glucose syrup*, sugar*, honey* (5%), gelatine*, acid: citric acid; fruit juice concentrates* (1,1%) from: apples*, elder*, black currant*, lemon*, and raspberries*; natural flavourings, curcuma extract*, rapseed oil*, algae extract* (spirulina platensis), canauba wax*.

3 x Sour Flower 50 g:

Sugar* (37%), glucose syrup*, gelatine*, starch*, acid: citric acid, malic acid; elderberry juice concentrate*, natural flavourings, curcuma extract*, caramel syrup*, algae extract* (spirulina platensis).

3 x Love Spring 50 g:

Glucose syrup*, sugar*, gelling agent (pectin), acid (citric acid), acidity regulators (sodium tartrates, potassium tartrates), natural flavorings, natural orange flavoring with other natural flavorings, natural cowberry flavoring with other natural flavorings, fruit juice concentrates* (black currant*, raspberry*, orange*, cowberry*, strawberry*, black carrot*), natural turmeric flavoring*, carnauba wax*.

*) from supervised organic argriculture

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Magical Forrest
Sour Flower
Triassic Garden
Love Spring